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Plastic Container

We are leading plastic mould manufacture in China. Have many years experience to produce plastic moulds for injection moulding.We produce Chair Mould,Bucket Mould,Painting Bucket Mould,Stool Mould,Table Mould,Box Mould,Cup Mould,Basket Mould,Plastic House Mould,PET Testing Tube Mould,Thinwall High Speed Injection Mould,Plastic laundry basket mould,Crate Mould,Pallet Mould,Plastic Soap Box Mold and other more plastic injection moulds. We adopt CAD/CAM/CAE to design all the mould,our moulds are produced with our advanced machine and our strict quality management.

Offers you:
In-time response on Email, telephone calls or fax
In-time supply the quotation and mould designs
In-time communication on the technical points
In-time sending pictures for the mould machining progress and mould finishing schedule
In-time mould test and sample delivery
In-time mould deliverys

name plastic container
mould material 45# 50# 718 2738 P20 S136 etc
cavity single/multi  cavity
runner cold/hot  runner
mould design 3D/2D
design days 3-5 days
mould life 500,000 ~1million shots
plastic material PP
injection system direct gate
payment 40% of deposit by L/C T/T 60% of balance by L/C T/T
delivery time 50-60 days
specification depends on customers' demand

Procedure of mould making

Step 1

place the order & receive the down payment

Step 2

Design and make the drawing( products& moulds)

Step 3

Customer check & confirm

Step 4

Steel material purchase

Step 5

Machine process(CNC, sparking machine, boring machine) & mould makers install

Step 6

Mould testing

Step 7

Send the samples to check

Step 8

Receive the balance & mould shipment


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Phone: +86131056763853

Tel: +86 13105763853



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