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Plastic crate mouldPlastic crate mouldPlastic crate mould

Plastic crate mould

  • Product description: Crate mould and plastic crate moulding innovator in China|plastic fish crate mould,crate mould|China Plastic Crate Mould Suppliers and Manufacturers in Taizhou

We use hot runner technology, injection molding flow analysis software to design and make crate mould which include:beer crate mould,bread crate mould,vegetable crate mould and fish crate mould and so on .the crate mould is with reasonable structure, reliable operation, easy molding process control, crate quality assurance. Use hotrunner system technology to improve the quality of plastic parts, reduce production costs and save time.

Currently,the crate applied to the field of logistics, such as beer crates, milk crates, food boxes and all kinds of cargo turnover box used in workshop is basically made of plastic.Plastic crate owns the features like anti-bending, anti-aging,heavy loading, tensile resistant, compression resistant, tearing resistant, high temperature resistant and so on.Often ,these Crate Dimensions are large and also require good mechanical properties, low temperature performance and durability.

To meet these requirements, HDPE is used as a raw material and design a number of criss-crossing ribs on the outer surface and the bottom of the plastic crates, in order to increase its strength and stiffness. For good plastic injection molding, on crate mouldstructure design, the crate mould often adopt 4 or 6 hotrunner drops gate (or 3 plates crate mold)due to the large size ,complex shapes; due to four side walls with a lots of ribs perpendicular to the turnover box mold open direction ,4 sliders are need to form those ribs and make the crate release away from the mold. If you adopt point gate molds which require a three-plate structure, sequence and automatic stripping off the gate, etc., this kind of crate mould is with complex structure, large dimensions, long processing manufacture…


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