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Plastic Cutlery Mould Gate positioning and design

The location of the gate is of importance with respect to the way in which the polymer flows into the mould impression. Other factors have to be taken into consideration when choosing a gate location, which include:

  • aesthetic considerations of the moulding;
  • degating requirements of the moulding;
  • design complexity of the moulding;
  • mould temperature requirement;
  • nature of the polymer to be processed;
  • volume of the polymer to be fed though the gate and the feed rate;
  • significance and positions of weld lines produced;
  • possible locations and effects of gas entrapment created as a result of the filling profile.

After consideration of all the previous points,it must be apparent that the positioning of the gate must be determined relatively early on and before the design build-up has started. If the forks,spoon and knife component is to be conventionally fed, i.e. non-hot runner, the gate location options are further restricted due to the limitations of the two-plate mould design. Restrictions exist because of the necessity of having to gate on a single plane about the mould split line. When confronted with gating requirements outside the scope of the two-plate design,the mould designer has the choice of selecting either the three-plate or the runnerless mould design formats in order to achieve the desired gate position.


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